Ministry of Silly Lenten Book Titles


I’ve been working on ideas for a new book of devotions for Lent (not based on Narnia this time). I’ve received wonderful ideas from many of you – keep them coming!

I’ve noticed as I make notes, do reading, research, and brainstorming, that it’s easier to come up with ridiculous titles for books than serious ones.  Monty Python has a skit called “The Ministry of Silly Walks,” and I want to say that my writing “ministry” has been somewhat swallowed up by silly book titles.

Lent Means “Lengthening”: A Penitential Reading Series for the Season

  • Week One: Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin
  • Week Two: War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy
  • Week Three: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon
  • Week Four: The Ring Cycle, Richard Wagner
  • Week Five: The Twilight Series, by Stephenie Meyer (lighter reading for Laudate)
  • Holy Week: Finnegan’s Wake, by James Joyce
Here’s my favorite potential Lenten series that is actually available on Amazon.
In the spirit of Advent in Narnia, I’ve also come up with:
  • Lent at Pemberly – Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett teach us about pride and penance.
  • A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Lent – 42 days of Lent, rather than 40, naturally.
  • Lent Where The Wild Things Are – nothing says purgation like being stuck on an island of monsters with no supper for 40 days.
  • A Long Winter of Lent – the Ingalls family endured a six month winter. Their struggle can help you endure a mere six weeks without chocolate.
  • Lent With Moby Dick – meditations on chasing an infuriating, elusive whale across the desolate ocean with Ishmael, Queequeg, and Captain Ahab, including unique visualization meditations involving ship’s rigging, boiling blubber, and whale anatomy.
  • Lent on Dune – a vast desert planet and giant worms: inspired by Jesus’ 40 Days in the wilderness in ways that will surprise you!


Aaaaaand now I guess I better go back to working on that next book…