Fall in the Neighborhood

Fall photos, taken mostly while walking the dog around our neighborhood. The farm where our vegetables come from – Green Earth Institute, and the head farmer, Steve Tiwald, who greets us every other Tuesday when we come by for our pick-up. Arugula, having been inspired by its neighbor, mint, taking over a garden plot (this stuff has amazing […]

Dog Walk, March

This is our park, down the street. Everything seems to be blue, brown, and beige in March. Even if it doesn’t look like much, the beagle always smells something compelling about his surroundings. Spring is trying, under there somewhere. There’s still ice on the pond, for now. But it won’t be long, now…

House Diary: April Snow, Morning

From my friend and colleague, Matt Gunter (bishop-elect of Fond du Lac, WI): Like a lot of folk here, I was not excited when I woke up to snow on the ground on this mid-April morning. But, I want to suggest that snow on the ground is a great way to kick off Holy Week. […]

Subdivision Winter Wonderland

Ducks!   Rabbit and dog tracks in the yard, and lots of scattered bird seed. View from my church office window. (Cross-shaped w/ little cross prism on the ledge)  

XC Skiing in the Park

I bought these skis when I lived in Massachusetts, fifteen years ago. I used to cross country ski in the Berkshires where I lived all the time each winter. Up and down the gentle hills, around trees, in the big quiet of the New England woods. Not so many hills or woods around here. But the […]

Rain Over Townhomes

Suburban Vista – July 2013

Restored prairie and Black-eye Susans with subdivision and storm clouds.

Fun With HDR

Some photos I took, playing around with the HDR iPhoto app, TrueHDR, which takes three exposures of a scene, and combines them into one — each level with the best possible lighting and color. In an ordinary shot, you have to choose one level at the primary focus. So, you end up with some crazy […]

Suburban Sunset, Late April


The Disappeared Houses

On a walk last month, Adam and I noticed a memorial plaque under a tree… for a street address. Curious. (If you want to go find it, it’s along Lily Cache Greenway between Orchard and Plainview.) When we got home I searched for “109 Arcadia Court” on Google Maps and a little red tag popped […]