Theology at Target

“Word art” has become popular. You can buy some at your local big box store. But sometimes I wonder if the “wisdom” peddled by some of these things is really all that helpful for people. Here are some examples from Target and Meijer: some I thought were good, others pretty bad. For some reason this […]

Cross Stitch Samplers

Some mottoes the Vicar is considering immortalizing in needlepoint for her study wall… Stop trying to fix everything.   You’re not as important as you worry you are.   It’s about you, but it’s not about you. – Marie Fortune   God, please help me not to be such an ass. – Anne Lamott   There […]

Game of Thrones, Bolingbrook

Who is Anne Stentiford? Part 2

I saw Anne Stentiford’s name on this sign in January, wondered about it, and decided to do some detective work. (Sort of like my obsession with manhole covers last fall.) I found her address online and I wrote to her.  She was very kind and wrote me back. This NO SWIMMING / SKATING sign is the […]

Who is Anne Stentiford?

On a dog walk, I noticed this sign for the umpteenth time. There’s just something about a person with three holes for eyes and a mouth… My husband took some family pictures for some folks at our church and he took one of them standing around one of these signs, holding their arms in the air, […]