Take 12, October

On the 12th of every month, I (try to) take pictures of the day, then choose 12 to post. It’s called Take 12. Here’s this month’s gallery: October isn’t a very pretty month in a garden. Here is my dead tomato/basil/pepper bed. Some marigolds still determined to hang on, but otherwise, everyone else is in […]

Day off…? Follow up

I hope you go see The Hunger Games. But I hope you don’t have to see it in the company of dozens of 14-year old girls. At my theater, they was audible weeping (I mean, sobbing!) when a much loved character was killed, and there were screeches of delight every time someone “bad” was killed. That […]

A Day Off Means…?

My days off are often challenging. All week, I long for some time to do “whatever I want.” And yet, when the day comes, “whatever I want” can be unsatisfying. The chores that I was longing to do during my workweek all of a sudden seem dull and well, like, chores. Sitting on the couch […]