Evening Falls: Exurbia, December

The landscape between our church and our house, banal but somehow beautiful. (Dusk makes everything pretty.) Sky, warehouse, driveway. Sky, streetlight,warehouse, parking lot. Sky, warehouses, semitrailer, brush. Sky, warehouse, sunset reflection, trees, fire hydrant, handicapped parking. Warehouse lights, rearview mirror, sunset reflection. Sky, young trees, asphalt, signage. Sky, subdivision, wetlands, busy road, baby trees, sidewalk, lawn. Sky, warehouses, […]

Boring Suburban Houses

Often, people have this image of the suburbs as a bland, cookie-cutter type place where all the houses look the same. I’m lucky enough to live in a suburb like Bolingbrook, where we have enough interesting (and eccentric?) people, apparently, that this is not the case. Believe me – plenty of suburbs, and even post-war […]

Ashes to Go, 2014

St. Benedict did “Ashes to Go” again this year – we offer ashes and a prayer of confession to passers by, since so many people have become too busy for their spiritual lives, and because we believe church shouldn’t stay contained inside the four walls of a building. We were out from 6-9 a.m. We […]

Our house, February morning


Subdivision Winter Wonderland

Ducks!   Rabbit and dog tracks in the yard, and lots of scattered bird seed. View from my church office window. (Cross-shaped w/ little cross prism on the ledge)  

XC Skiing in the Park

I bought these skis when I lived in Massachusetts, fifteen years ago. I used to cross country ski in the Berkshires where I lived all the time each winter. Up and down the gentle hills, around trees, in the big quiet of the New England woods. Not so many hills or woods around here. But the […]

Snowy Day


Frozen Picnic Tables, After Monet

Some prankster moved two of the park picnic tables into the pond a few weeks ago. Then it got cold, fast, and the tables were frozen in place. I tried to get all Monet with them, and take pictures in different light… Notice the snow above was in tiny clumps – reminded me of popcorn. […]

Inside My Church

On the Sunday before Christmas… probably during announcements. We had the children’s pageant that morning, so it was a full house. That second shot – wide angle lens! – makes it look more narrow that it really is. Actually, it’s almost a square. My husband, Adam, took these pictures from the back, where he sits […]

December Dog Walk

I love taking walks in winter. It’s still. Nobody is around. Everything is exposed down to the most basic level. And I love the cold, when I have a coat and gloves, anyway. Of course, gloves have to come off for taking photos, so for a number of these, so I lost the feeling in […]