Holy Week: Dog Walk

Early spring is tough. A parishioner once said to me that it is an ugly time of year because it’s about “shaking off death.” Holy Week falls into this space, easily. Bare. Ugly. Broken. Bleak. For all that subdivisions were designed to be ideal places to live, there is a haunting, lonely look about them. They match the spareness of […]

Woman in a Landscape

I took this shot and felt like there was something familiar about it. Was there some artist I was channeling? I don’t want to flatter myself here, just wondering about images of women’s faces  – with houses or a bit dwarfed by their landscape. Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. Here’s a few images that […]

Little suburb on the prairie

I’m often surprised by how pretty it can be around here. Suburbs? Pretty? Those two words usually don’t go together. When the search committee at the church asked what it would be like for a city girl like me to move to the suburbs – especially way out here in the hinterlands – I could […]