Take 12, October

On the 12th of every month, I (try to) take pictures of the day, then choose 12 to post. It’s called Take 12. Here’s this month’s gallery:

October isn’t a very pretty month in a garden. Here is my dead tomato/basil/pepper bed. Some marigolds still determined to hang on, but otherwise, everyone else is in a pile on the upper left, waiting for the compost bin.

A peek into the pile of dead plants.

Those who could be saved ended up here. Beautiful! Too bad I got the timing wrong and scorched the two bottom pans.

But October can be beautiful in a garden, too. Here are zinnias, still kicking it.

“Bright lights” chard, glowing in the sun. It’ll last into December. Tough stuff.

First year hollyhocks – looking hopeful. Next spring and summer, they’ll grow into tall stalks covered with blooms.

A glimpse out the back door, captured in a couple of my Take 12 entries.

We spent the morning at IKEA with our dear friends, Dave and Carly, who live about an hour away.

They were shopping for a desk.

There are a lot of choices to consider.

There’s a lot of everything to consider at IKEA.

Overwhelming at times, in fact.

(Obligatory cat photo.)