My Job Description

What do I do all day? This is a list I started in 2012. It’s not comprehensive, but it’s an attempt to capture the variety of what I might be doing from one day to the next. Also, I’m not going to cheat and add this, but I should be listing prayer under each of these areas.

In no particular order…



  • plan service
  • plan and proof bulletins
  • plan seasonal liturgies (Lent, Pentecost, Advent, etc.)
  • study for and write sermons
  • attend clergy sermon group meetings, weekly
  • lead Sunday service and preach
  • oversee ministry leadership (lectors, ushers, chalice bearers, acolytes)
  • collaborate on music w/ music director
  • collaborate with the altar guild
  • arrange supply priests and other leadership when I go on vacation

Other Worship Services

  • write sermons for special events: funerals, weddings, Holy Week
  • coordinate, plan, and officiate at weddings & funerals
  • coordinate special liturgies and participants (Christmas, Holy Week, Pet Blessing, Rogation, All Saints, Pentecost, Feast of St. Benedict…)


  • Wednesday Night Bible Study: prep and lead weekly
  • Sunday seminars: coordinate topics, coordinate other speakers, prepare & lead sessions
  • Sunday School: recruit and coordinate teachers, communicate with parents, plan other activities, oversee curriculum and program
  • Inquirers’ Class: plan and teach in Lent (6 classes, meets weekly)
  • Lent and Advent: research, order, and distribute special devotion materials
  • Baptismal preparation with parents or adult candidates
  • Confirmation: preparation with teens or adults
  • Ordination process: teach, guide, and prepare those who feel called to be deacons or priests to enter the process, first at the local and then diocesan level



  • coordinate with lay leaders on various projects and events
  • visits to ministries/groups
  • retreat planning (occasional)



  • ensuring that events, logistics changes, , etc, are communicating clearly and effectively
  • maintain email communications
  • answer voicemail
  • coordinate newsletter articles with newsletter editor
  • write newsletter column, monthly
  • update website
  • facilitate announcements in the bulletin
  • point person for the church calendar of events
  • write thank you notes



  • individual meetings with parishioners (one-on-ones)
  • pastoral care via email, phone call, text message, and in passing
  • pastoral visits to hospital
  • stay in touch with elderly members with visits and phone calls
  • pray for parishioners and their families
  • counseling individuals or couples
  • pre-marital counseling
  • meeting with families to plan funerals
  • presence with members in times of crisis



  • connect with newcomers
    • in person
    • by note, email, or phone call
    • meet for coffee
  • update website and make sure its design is clear and hospitable
  • ensure that narthex and sanctuary are welcoming and hospitable
  • ensure that bulletin and paper materials are welcoming and hospitable
  • ensure that church events are being publicized well
  • ensure that newcomers are being included in events and invited into leadership, as appropriate
  • attend local community events (high school, village, church networks)



  • serve as liaison to the diocese and national church
  • stay connected to finance team and church finances
  • plan and attend wardens’ meetings (monthly)
  • serve as liaison to stewardship and fundraising planning (fall)
  • serve as liaison to building and grounds needs
  • oversee groups that rent or use our space
  • log services and attendance numbers
  • log membership and contact information
  • prepare annual report on attendance and membership numbers
  • prepare report and agenda, and chair Annual Meeting (January)



  • empower leaders to share in carrying out the mission and vision of our congregation
  • guard our healthy communication, and the integrity of our mission and vision
  • serve on the Bishop’s Committee (“BC”) (monthly meetings)
  • prepare agendas for wardens’ meetings
  • share leadership practices with BC and other leaders
  • plan, coordinate, and lead BC retreat (annual)
  • inspire congregation with vision and dreams of what is possible
  • pray for guidance



  • staff supervision
    • weekly meetings with music director
    • check-ins with nursery caretaker and secretary
    • sign timesheets
    • supervise vacation and sick time off
    • performance review for music director (annual)
  • hiring and interviewing, as needed
    • advertise position, update job description, and review resumes
    • interviews by phone and in person
    • finalize Letter of Agreement, background check, and tax documentation
    • train new staff
  • supervision of Keeping God’s People Safe Training



  • Serve as a member of the Commission on Ministry (monthly meetings, read files, attend retreats)
  • Attend Diocesan Convention (November)
  • Attend Clergy Days (Lent, other) and Clergy Conference (October)
  • Meet with liaisons from Congregations Commission and Bishop and Trustees
  • Complete paperwork for Bishop and Trustees’ financial support and mission evaluations
  • Deanery meetings (quarterly)
  • Attend ordinations and installations of other clergy (3x times a year or so)



  • personal bible study
  • prayer life
  • Clergy Quiet Days
  • retreats
  • spiritual reading
  • clergy bible study (weekly)
  • clergy support group (monthly)


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