Advent: About Lucy

These are taken from the book The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, a story that stands by itself but also was written with Christian undertones and symbolism and many Advent themes. Buy the book (on Amazon or Kindle or any bookstore) or watch one of the movie versions.

Lucy and her sister and brothers have been sent away from London to escape the Blitz. They’re far from home and almost orphans, living without their parents. They’re exploring the big lonely house where they are staying when Lucy discovers a large, mysterious wardrobe.

She’s brave: she opens the door and climbs in, pushing her way through the fur coats hanging inside and suddenly, she’s in the middle of a snowy forest. (If one of us stepped into another world in the back of one of our closets, I have a feeling we’d run right back out.)

But Lucy doesn’t run. She doesn’t even put on a fur coat to stay warm. She’s full of wonder and walks into the forest to have a look around. What will she discover?

We can feel like orphans, too – abandoned to the big, strange house that this human life can be. How can you be unafraid of the doors to God that might open to you in this Advent season? May Lucy be an inspiration to you in her bravery, her child-like sense of wonder, and her willingness to explore where God is calling her to go.



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