Advent in Narnia Open House


First, we filled the narthex (or lobby) of St. Benedict with artificial Christmas trees! We had lots of help – people loaned us their trees, and a few volunteers helped us set them all up and “fluff” the branches!


When guests came, the first thing they saw was a “forest” … and Mr. Tumnus and the White Witch! (very, very good friends of mine, who excel at costumes and generosity).


The table of door prizes stood nearby. There were finger puppets, chocolates, copies of the novel and movie, a jar of marmalade, and other little gifties.


Every 20 minutes or so, Mr. Tumnus or The White Witch drew your ticket from the basket. Esmi was one of the winners!

12001068_10101067392264324_1111762423030597436_o (1)

My friend Emily (seated) sold books for me. Thanks, Em! 10514240_10101067392099654_1370788930401242455_o

Here Emily shows us the Turkish Delight table.12052592_10101067391954944_2725099601810199702_o

Here is my own creation – Barbie as the White Witch. This may be my favorite part of the whole party.



Here I am, in the back – ready to sign your book. That little lamp post was found by my church member, Ruth – at left. Thanks, Ruth!



In the background, you may notice the “movie screen.” Adam engineered the office window into a projector screen for the BBC cartoon.


We think 80-100 people came through, in total. We sold about 50 books, and other people brought books they’d bought online.


My mom and dad came! And my childhood friend, Kiron.


My niece enjoyed the balloons, leftover from another party, but remained skeptical of adults in costume…


12031579_10101067392578694_7643842385253716804_o (1)My nephew enjoyed the balloons so much, we don’t seem to have any pictures of him…

I also did two readings from the book. It was strange to read something that wasn’t a sermon from the pulpit. Folks asked great questions – including one of our church kids! Thanks, Ian!

Thanks to all who came! I have a schedule of other events listed below where you can come have your book signed or engage in some discussion or activities around Advent in Narnia. I am humbled by all the attention and support. Thank you!

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  1. We held a Narnia Night at our church, First Presbyterian Church of Bozeman, Montana, last night! It was a huge success! Decorating the fellowship hall was half the fun. We had a wardrobe filled with coats to walk through, snowflakes falling from the ceiling, sparkling trees, a glowing lamp post, and tables decorated with sleighs, lamp posts, animals, Father Christmas, greens–you name it! Families made Advent wreaths, “Turkish delight,” and did crafts. We all watched the dinner at the Beavers’ clip from the movie, then ate a supper hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Beaver. About 70 people participated!! What a wonderful way to begin Advent, with our church family in a child-centered gathering. Thank you for your creative inspiration, Heidi!

  2. Heidi Haverkamp says:

    Thanks, Jody!!! I’m so glad it went so well for you guys, and I’m so tickled you used my book. Good to hear from you and hope things are well with you in Bozeman.