Tumble Dry Alb

Alb (“No Tumble Dry”) drying on a hook on our shed on this windy day.

“The same night for years”

Today, The Christian Century blog posted a piece I wrote: “Three times a year, a worship service ends and I go back to the vesting room to change — and I feel as though I’m entering a time warp.” Read More…

Ten Ways To Be Silent

If you’re looking for a way to slow down during Holy Week, I recommend trying a little silence. You only need 3-10 minutes – even 30 seconds. But what do you do with any amount of silence? Just sit there? When I had the chance to stay at a hermitage on my sabbatical last fall, […]

Dog Walk, March

This is our park, down the street. Everything seems to be blue, brown, and beige in March. Even if it doesn’t look like much, the beagle always smells something compelling about his surroundings. Spring is trying, under there somewhere. There’s still ice on the pond, for now. But it won’t be long, now…

Bolingbrook and Islam

Down the street from St. Benedict – less than a full block away – is a new mosque. “Mosque” in Arabic is “masjid,” which is the word the Muslim Association of Bolingbrook (MAB) uses for its two worship centers in the Village, one on the east side (Masjid al-Islam) and now, one on the west side (Masjid al-Jumu’ah). Note […]

Ash Wednesday Is The First Day of Easter

From my Ash Wednesday sermon, February 18, 2015 I want to say that Lent is the Extreme Sports Season of the church year. It’s when each one of us has the chance to test our spiritual mettle and try some truly dangerous feats. For instance, to not eat meat on Fridays for six weeks? I […]

A Talk With The Mayor

This week, I went to Mayor Roger Claar’s annual talk with the Bolingbrook Christian Clergy Association. It’s a nice tradition – it gives clergy a chance to have face time with him and ask questions, and he tells us a lot of interesting stuff about what’s happening in the Village. He’s actually a terrific speaker, and quite funny. […]

Tiny Homes, Hopes, and Dreams

My sister-in-law, Laurie, has introduced me to a show called Tiny House Hunting. We watch and gawk at the crazy people and the spaces for sale out there. There’s quite a variety: yurts, converted silos, dirt bag construction (ok, it’s really called “Earthbag”), houses on wheels, and a few that qualify as what my SIL calls “crap-holes.” There are […]

What Happened On A Snow Blown Sunday

This morning, the five+ inches of snow on our street still hadn’t been plowed. This wasn’t a surprise. There are so many little subdivision streets and lanes out here that residential areas are almost never plowed until the snow comes to a full and complete stop. But I hate to cancel Sunday Eucharist. Communion is at the center […]

At The Hospital, Doing Nothing

When I sit with someone in a hospital, office, funeral home, or coffee shop, it can look and feel like doing nothing. Mostly, you sit. You listen. There are no magical things we are told in seminary or by the Holy Spirit to say or explain to people. There is small talk. There is prayer, out […]