The Silo of Poetic Despair

I took these photos a few days ago, meaning to write about a silo down the street from our church. It’s surrounded on four sides: by warehouses, a Lutheran church, an empty lot, and a busy street. The property used to be a nursery (started by the family that used to farm the land?) but the property is now […]

The Lonely Old Sugar Maple

In 1820, before any Europeans had settled down in Barbers’ Corners or anywhere around here, Illinois was about two thirds prairie land – no trees, just miles and miles of waving grasses. Trees could be found in small groves around rivers, streams, lakes, and isolated places here and there. But by 1900, the prairie had almost entirely been plowed […]

Subdivision Winter Wonderland

Ducks!   Rabbit and dog tracks in the yard, and lots of scattered bird seed. View from my church office window. (Cross-shaped w/ little cross prism on the ledge)  

Rain Over Townhomes

Suburban Vista – July 2013

Restored prairie and Black-eye Susans with subdivision and storm clouds.

Game of Thrones, Bolingbrook

Storm Over The Subdivision

Fun With HDR

Some photos I took, playing around with the HDR iPhoto app, TrueHDR, which takes three exposures of a scene, and combines them into one — each level with the best possible lighting and color. In an ordinary shot, you have to choose one level at the primary focus. So, you end up with some crazy […]

Suburban Sunset, Late April


Frozen Picnic Tables, After Monet

Some prankster moved two of the park picnic tables into the pond a few weeks ago. Then it got cold, fast, and the tables were frozen in place. I tried to get all Monet with them, and take pictures in different light… Notice the snow above was in tiny clumps – reminded me of popcorn. […]