Subdivision Winter Wonderland

Ducks!   Rabbit and dog tracks in the yard, and lots of scattered bird seed. View from my church office window. (Cross-shaped w/ little cross prism on the ledge)  

Rain Over Townhomes

Suburban Vista – July 2013

Restored prairie and Black-eye Susans with subdivision and storm clouds.

Game of Thrones, Bolingbrook

Storm Over The Subdivision

Fun With HDR

Some photos I took, playing around with the HDR iPhoto app, TrueHDR, which takes three exposures of a scene, and combines them into one — each level with the best possible lighting and color. In an ordinary shot, you have to choose one level at the primary focus. So, you end up with some crazy […]

Suburban Sunset, Late April


Frozen Picnic Tables, After Monet

Some prankster moved two of the park picnic tables into the pond a few weeks ago. Then it got cold, fast, and the tables were frozen in place. I tried to get all Monet with them, and take pictures in different light… Notice the snow above was in tiny clumps – reminded me of popcorn. […]

Bolingbrook vistas, late fall

Suburban vista, no. 3